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Want to be the first to know when hackers impersonate your brand? 
Impostor Blocker tells you before your customers find out! 

How Impostor Blocker Protects You and Your Customers

Hackers and scammers capitalize on your customers' trust, creating fake websites to steal customer information and infect their devices. Our technology constantly scans the Internet to deliver custom reporting directly to you. Be the first to know when adversaries are impersonating your brand identity.



Saurav Kharb, Founder

Saurav is an Informatics Major at the University of Washington pursuing the Data Science track. At Imposter Blocker his primary focus is on the computer vision aspect of phishing detection in addition to managing the product architecture. He has worked as a Data Science Research Assistant for two years and has worked extensively on web scraping and data analysis.

Ming Xin, Co-Founder

Ming is a Bioengineering major at the University of Washington also pursuing a Data Science track. She found her interests in coding after participating hackathons and open-source projects during her freshman year in college. Her previous work as a Computer Vision Research Assistant has cemented her interest towards exploring new technology in workplace automation, security and AI.

Zach Turk, Mentor, Security Program Manager at Microsoft

Drawing from a history of information security experience at Boeing and Microsoft, he brought together a team centered around delivering excellent security products. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and a Mathematics Minor from University of Washington.

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Searches the internet

Scanner engines search across the internet for malicious sites constantly 24/7

Identifies Fraudulent sites

Signatures from your sites are generated and compared against suspects

Advanced machine learning techniques for computer vision and text comparison are combined with analyst oversight

Automated & manual Review

Be the first to know

Custom recurring reports tailored to your organization delivered containing high level executive briefing and detailed threat intel